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If I have something in my head, it's not goiing away any more..
On june the 9th 2011 i saw a movie on youtube (which i posted on facebook) .

Now, more then 1 year later, only 9 more days to go..
People called me crazy many times before an...d I never wanted to believe them but I have to admit, this time they might be right. I do realize it would have been smarter to do a short mtb-challenge to start with, or at least something in Europe. But i needed to choose sth more extreem again... (always the same with me) 
Honestly, I have no idea if I'm goiing to make it. I just know I've done all I can so far. (my swiss friends can confirm :-) Sorry for goiing home early many times!)
But it's a good thing to live in Switserland, it never gets boring to go biking around here!

Fingers crosseds, wish me luck, I will definitly need it!

With very special thanks allready to PLANET Group!

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